Starting Successful on Mondas: Keep Calm

Every Sunday I sit down and make up a plan of attack for the upcoming week. A list of goals in all areas of my life that I would like to accomplish to help keep me staying productive. Then on Mondays I share that list here with you in a great weekly link up called Starting Successful on Mondays. Why that name? Because I have longed believed that if you start your week with a clear set of goals in mind you will have a productive successful week. When you have focus it’s easier to remember what you want to get done and why. I started the link up to help encourage others in their weekly goals and for a way for everyone to encourage each other. Feel free to use the goal ‘categories’ I have set for myself or make your own then link back up here every Monday through Tuesday.

Starting Successful on Mondays


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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13


Keep Calm

With one week until Christmas this week is bound to get a bit hectic as I try to keep up here and get my house ready for the invasion on Christmas Eve by my extended family.  I need to focus on keeping calm and staying sane throughout the week so when the 24th does get here it won’t find me running around like a mad person. There are school crafts to do, a school party and play to attend, picking up Kyla for the holidays, possibly my father coming in plus all the  normal life things that come with  being a wife and mother. *deep breaths*


Watching football with Mike as Hayley practices counting backwards from 10. I need to finish my grocery list before the birthday party for one of Hayley’s classmates. It’s been one of those lazy days, I started up way to late trying to finish Under the Dome. It was such a good book, really swallowed me up. But after staying up so late I’m pretty worthless today.


This week looks like it’s going to be a normal mild winter weather week for Louisiana. Mid sixties to low seventies and a slight chance of rain which means if we are going to get the years cleaned before the party next week we are going to have took work fast.

The Great Agenda

To Do Last Week

  • clean out mud closet
  • catch up on the massive amounts of laundry I can’t seem to get done
  • clean bathrooms
  • finish the Following season 1 *guilty pleasure*
  • Make cut out sugar cookies with the girls this weekend
  • Go watch Catching Fire with mom!!
  • Make more pancakes for the freezer, Hayley’s been eating pancakes like crazy the past week
  • Get mom’s books loaded on the Kindle
  • Order chemicals for the spa
  • Enter in all coke reward points

To Do This Week

  • finish Christmas t-shirts at school
  • finish Bakers Dozen and write review
  • fix that dag nabbit light in my closet before I go nuts!!!!!!
  • work on my zentangles
  • plan my day that Mike is giving to me for our upcoming anniversary
  • clean wood floors
  • get house ready for Christmas Eve Party
  • keep house clean


Monday~ (B) blue berry pancakes (L) grilled cheese/tomato soup (D) broccoli and chicken casserole
Tuesday~(B) pumpkin pie french toast sticks (L) pork chops, veggies, rice (D) shrimp spaghetti, garlic bread
Wednesday~(B) biscuits, sausage (L)leftovers (D) taco night
Thursday~(B) oatmeal, sausage (L) possible eat out (D) chilli and cornbread
Friday~(B) grits and bacon (L) leftovers (D) pulled pork sandwiches
Saturday~(B) pop tarts (L) grilled ham and cheese (D) popcorn chicken,shells and cheese, veggies
Sunday~(B) cereal (L) rump roast (D) leftovers

What I’m Reading Now

  1. Wife After God by Unveiled Wife
  2. Bakers Dozen by M Will Smith
  3. The Dark Half by Stephen King

On the Blog

  • Post my half-finished Christmas Bucket list…now that there’s only a week left
  • get book review up
  • get guest post up for Tasty Thursday
  • continue practicing  jab,jab,jab, right hooking on social media
  • work on craft project for blog


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Got to love the week before Christmas. I still have packages to get out! Um… I guess I should shop for said packages first!! EEP! I’m hoping to be able to get out shopping this weekend otherwise I will have to tell everyone Santa hates them.
    As it is now I’m sitting at work and wishing I was anywhere but here at the moment but it’s the week right before plant shut down so I kinda need to be here :P
    Good luck on your lists! It always looks like you do good on tackling them!

  2. Sarah says:

    Awesome post! I love the idea. I do something similar but I don’t really write it all out. We have a menu board that I use to plan meals and I use my planner religiously haha that’s about it. :)
    Sarah recently posted…Menu Plan MondayMy Profile

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