Starting Successful on Mondays: Dreaming of Snow

Every Sunday I sit down and make up a plan of attack for the upcoming week. A list of goals in all areas of my life that I would like to accomplish to help keep me staying productive. Then on Mondays I share that list here with you in a great weekly link up called Starting Successful on Mondays. Why that name? Because I have longed believed that if you start your week with a clear set of goals in mind you will have a productive successful week. When you have focus it’s easier to remember what you want to get done and why. I started the link up to help encourage others in their weekly goals and for a way for everyone to encourage each other. Feel free to use the goal ‘categories’ I have set for myself or make your own then link back up here every Monday through Tuesday.

Starting Successful on Mondays

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Rules for Starting Successful on Mondays

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Make sure to visit the other bloggers and encourage them on their week!

If you would be interested in co-hosting for a week shoot me an email!

Scripture of the Week:

Isaiah 60:19

You will not need the light of the sun by day anymore. The bright light of the moon will no longer have to shine on you. I will be your light forever. My glory will shine on you. I am the Lord your God. 

Focus of the Week:

Reconnecting with myself

I have felt off the past few days. Not really angry or anything, just disconnected and withdrawn. I normally go through this during the winter months when life gets so busy and no matter what we end up sick, I just get blah. Anyways, this week I am going to focus on getting my ‘mojo’ back.


Cold, nasty and wet. Enough said.


It’s so cold, which is why I am trying so hard to convince Mike to go to Walmart and get my prescription refill for me. He’s not budging though.  The only thing that sucks more than it being really cold is it is really cold and we don’t have a drop of snow. Not one measly flake!

I am also listening to Mike and Hayley play catch with a bouncy ball. They are just two cute together when they get to playing. Almost makes me want to forgive him for making me go out in this cold nasty weather to get my birth control, almost.

*much later Sunday night*

Well I got the medicine, notice the I part.  I actually managed to get the house cleaned to so now I don’t know what to do with my week. The stuff on my to do list is already pretty much done, which means it’ll just be maintaining it now.

The Great Agenda:

To Do Last Week:

  • Get money from mom to put in bank to pay off her Kindle purchase
  • Send trash pick up check
  • clean  house
  • not die from pinched muscle under shoulder blade
  • grocery shop
  • email Shari
  • Clean out mud closet
  • Go see the Christmas Parade!!

To Do This Week:

  • clean out mud closet
  • catch up on the massive amounts of laundry I can’t seem to get done
  • clean bathrooms
  • finish the Following season 1 *guilty pleasure*
  • Make cut out sugar cookies with the girls this weekend
  • Go watch Catching Fire with mom!!
  • Make more pancakes for the freezer, Hayley’s been eating pancakes like crazy the past week
  • Get mom’s books loaded onto the Kindle
  • Order chemicals for the spa
  • Enter in all coke reward points

Menu Plan:

Monday~ (B) oatmeal with blue berries and choc. chips  (L) Stuffed Bell Peppers  (D) leftovers
Tuesday~(B) oatmeal with mango’s (L) Cheeststeak Sloppy Joe(D) taco night
Wednesday~(B) pancakes  (L) leftovers  (D) BBQ Chicken Quarters, okra and tomatoes, cornbread
Thursday~(B) pop tarts (L) grilled cheese and tomato soup (D) A-1 Hamburger Steaks (never go to them and I’ve been craving like crazy.
Friday~(B) scrambled egg sandwich and grapes  (L) corn dogs/sandwiches/whatever Hayley and I decide while Mike is at the Dome for the State HS Playoffs   (D) Homemade burritos from the freezer from my last freezer cooking day
Saturday~(B) cereal  (L) leftovers  (D) possibly eating out as a family
Sunday~(B) cereal  (L) Roast chicken, with veggies (D) leftovers from the week’s cooking

On the Bookshelf:

  1. Under the Dome by Stephen King
  2. Wife After God by Unveiled Wife
  3. The War on Christmas by Bodie Hodge

On the Blog:

  • finish Christmas Bucket List for the blog
  • Get this Tasty Thursday post up
  • Finish working on behind the scenes items
  • Work on getting more subscribers to my feed 

From the Camera:

Hayley driving the hand crank train at the Children’s Museum.

Blowing gigantic bubbles

Bubble Hayley! This was one of the cooler attractions, you could make a bubble around you.

Making reindeer food for Santa’s reindeer, so they make sure to find our house okay.


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  1. Jean
    Jean December 10, 2013 at 10:32 am | | Reply

    We have the cold as well with a sprinkling of snow. I’m telling you that snow is waaay over-rated ;) I prefer sand. Warm sand. In the summer. I know that off feeling you are talking about. I get like that sometimes as well. Hope you start feeling better soon. I’m hoping to get a post written and linked up over here sometime today (tonight?). Every time I think I’m not that busy, suddenly, all sorts of stuff to do appears.
    Jean recently posted…Dashing In December Menu PlanMy Profile

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