I Confess…

It’s said that confession is good for the soul and I believe it. I  also believe it can be therapeutic.  What I don’t believe is that you can’t have  a little fun confessing some not so serious things. Confessing one sins, hangups, secrets or obsessions is one step towards overcoming them. With that in mind I’d like to confess of few of the things that have tripped me up the past few months.

I Confess…

~That giving up bread and coke in the same week is slowly killing me.The caffeine and carb withdrawals are worse than the nicotine withdrawals I had seven years ago. Do they make a patch for carbs and caffeine? If not someone needs to get on that as soon as possible.

~That while I adore my children and love spending time with them having them both home for a week tested my patience during spring break. Of course this was made worse by the withdrawals from the caffeine and carbs.

~ That I dumped my kids off at a friends and ran to the library spring break week to hide from the refrigerator at home and from the housework. Of course I ended up sitting near someone who sneaked in a coke to the library. I swear  i could taste the caffeine in the air.

~That at the library I may have gotten a bit carried away with my new library card and came home with more books han I can probably read the next two weeks. Again the lack of carbs and caffeine is to blame, my mind was in a haze.

~That the tooth-fairy was to exhausted during spring break to leave the hotel Sunday night to get cash for Kyla’s molar. Instead she made a rule that the tooth can’t be on a side table because it might get lost and more importantly she doesn’t visit hotels because she’d be too tempted to swim instead of work. She had the hotel elf’s leave a message for Kyla explaining the rules and said she’d give her an extra dollar for the trouble when Kyla was able to put the tooth in her special bag under her own pillow at home.

~That I started writing this post at the beginning of March and am just now getting it published in the middle of April.  Oops!

~That I didn’t make it giving up the bread and caffeine although I am doing better on the no coke front and am swapping to decaf tea tomorrow. Bread is a whole other issue.

~That I’ve stopped watching every show I love (well except for Game of Thrones of course) because I am obsessed with Supernatural. I have even brought Mike to the dark side with me.

~That I haven’t painted my nails or toe nails in almost 4 months. This is pretty much unheard of for me.

~That I fully plan on taking up Hayley’s kindergarten teacher and will let Hayley go visit her this weekend. We are lucky enough to have her right own the road!

~That I slept until 10:40am Thursday. I woke up Wednesday with a head cold, thanks Louisiana weather, and by Wednesday night I was feeling like a Walking Dead zombie cast member. Thursday morning saw me up at 6:10 to get Hayley ready for school and onto the bus. By 7:05 I was back in bed and snoring. It was glorious!

Do you have any cofessions?



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  1. Sandra
    Sandra April 19, 2014 at 10:00 am | | Reply

    That was a fun post. Nothing wrong with confession right, sometimes it feels good to get it off our chest.

    I don’t know how you can do the bread AND coke in the same week, girl I would be in a corner bawling LOL
    Just this past week I gave up diet soda and went back to just water and it hasn’t been easy….but bread??? I don’t think I will ever be able to do that. Good for you, stay strong :)
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  2. Jean
    Jean April 21, 2014 at 10:10 am | | Reply

    I could really relate to your post. I don’t think I could give up Coke and bread in the same week either. Hope you are feeling much better today!

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